React SDK


useTracking provides methods for enabling tracking features.


useTracking pulls the Pipeline, as provided by the closest SearchProvider, and forwards a set of utilities which are useful for various tracking use-cases. For more in-depth on how to use it, please refer to the Tracking section.


useTracking returns an object containing the following properties:

handleResultClicked(url: string) => voidThe callback to attach on result when click, can be used in conjunction with GoogleAnalytics,...
consumeInteractionToken(token: string, identifier: string, weight: number,data?: Record<string, string>) => Promise<void>Method to consume pos/neg token when using PosNegTracking.
trackingNoTracking | EventTracking | ClickTracking | PosNegTrackinginstance of Tracking used in the current Pipeline. See Tracking for more details.
posNegLocalStorageManagerPosNegLocalStorageManagerinstance of PosNegLocalStorageManager for localstorage based management of PosNeg tokens. See Advanced tracking for more details.