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The Select component allows users pick a value from predefined options. Ideally, it should be used when there are more than 5 options, otherwise you might consider using a radio group instead.


Here's a basic usage of the Select component.

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    Add the multiple prop to allow multiple item selection.

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      Disabled options

      Add the disabled prop to the option you want to disable.

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        Use the size prop to set the size of the select. The default is md.

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                  By default the text for the button is 'Select an option' when no options are selected or 'X selected' where X is the number of options selected. This can be change via the text prop.

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                    Option labels

                    An additional label can be added to an Option using the label prop.

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                      Form usage

                      The name prop is submitted along with the control's value when the form data is submitted.

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                        The API for the Select and Option components are deliberately similar to their native equivalents (<select> and <option>).

                        Select Props

                        The Select composes the Box component so you can pass props for Box. These are props related to the Select component.

                        idstringThe ID for associating a label to the input.
                        autofocusbooleanWhether the select should receive focus when mounted.
                        disabledbooleanWhether the select should be disabled.
                        invalidbooleanWhether the select should be marked invalid.
                        labelstringAn aria-label, also used for the placeholder if not specified.
                        multiplebooleanAllow multiple option selection.
                        namestringThe name for the select.
                        textReactText | (selected: string[]) => ReactTextThe text for the select's button.
                        size'sm' | 'md' | 'lg''md'The text size for the select.
                        onChange(values: string | Array<string>) => voidA callback for when the select value changes. Note: only the value is passed.
                        valueOptionProps['value'] | Array<OptionProps['value']>The selected value(s).

                        Option Props

                        childrenstring | numberThe text to display for the option.
                        valuestring | numberThe value for the option.
                        labelstring | numberThe additional text to display for the option (useful for counts).
                        disabledbooleanWhether the option should be disabled.