React SDK


Tracking in can give you insights into the search behavior of your users and how your content is performing. Tracking data is also fed back into's AI model to improve search ranking over time.

EventTracking records user interactions alongside search results and is designed to be as simple as possible while also being capable of handling complex/flexible use-cases - an ecommerce purchase funnel for example.

For now,'s website search uses ClickTracking by default while our Shopify search solution uses PosNegTracking by default. Both will transition to using EventTracking in the near future.


The default when you create a new Pipeline instance is no tracking.

When using EventTracking the field value you specify must be the name of a field in your schema with the Unique constraint.

After having received the search result, clicks on an entry will record a click event against that query. Subsequent events tracked for the entry that was clicked will continue to be recorded against that query to improve search ranking.

Data using EventTracking is persisted in localStorage and sent to automatically.