React SDK

ClickTracking (deprecated)

Records user click interactions alongside search results.


Additional imports used in the examples:

The constructor requires a field to be specified for tracking. By default this is url so if your schema has a url field, you're all set. If not, you need to specify another unique identifier field for the record - e.g. id.

When ClickTracking is used, a token object containing a click property (a tracking URL) will be returned for each result item.

More details about ClickTracking can be found here.

Use with the search-ui package

If the field you specified in the constructor contains a valid URL, the redirect URL will be used for the href for any links ro results. If a non-URL-like field is passed, then instead the token URL will be used for a navigator.sendBeacon() request, bound to the onClick event. This method is less reliable and won't be able to track users opening the links in a new tab or window. For this reason, using a valid URL as the tracking field is preferrable.

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