React SDK


The previous version of the React SDK (@sajari/sdk-react) was a single package. The latest version is split into three packages.

If you still want to use the pre-built components, you'll want to use the @sajari/react-search-ui package, which has the following differences from v2 of the React SDK:

  • Provider is now SearchProvider and has new props.
  • Paginator is now Pagination and has new props.
  • Values is now Variables.
  • Filter is now FilterBuilder due to a naming clash with the Filter component.
  • Response component has been removed. If you want to hide all child components, you can access the current response via the useSearchContext hook.
  • Render props have been removed in favour of hooks.
  • Specifying the type of tracking in the pipeline constructor is no longer required. The default is NoTracking.
  • There are also styling changes which change the visual appearance of the components.